Bring your brand to full bloom

Reach the pinnacle of your brand’s potential—where its strength, impact, and beauty are at their peak, captivating your audience like never before.



Our bespoke solutions are meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs, ensuring your brand not only stands out but also deeply connects with its audience. We focus on building a distinctive brand presence and enriching customer experiences with carefully crafted visual and verbal content. Ready to see your brand bloom with Cultivo?”

Comprehensive Brand Development

Establish a cohesive brand presence that resonates deeply with your audience. With our all-inclusive approach, you’ll receive a strategic blend of brand strategy, visual identity, and verbal identity.


From defining your brand’s core message and visual aesthetic to establishing its unique voice, we ensure your brand communicates effectively and stands out in the market.

 Investment: $8,995 +

8-12 WEEKS

Web Design & Development

Make a lasting first impression with a captivating and functional website. You’ll benefit from a website that seamlessly blends aesthetics with user experience, ensuring visitors are both attracted to and engaged with your brand.


Our designs offer a seamless user journey, helping you convert visitors into loyal customers.


 Investment: $5,995 +


Visual Content Creation

Capture your brand’s essence with stunning visuals tailored specifically for hospitality and food-related businesses in the NY metro area.

Our professional on-site photography and videography services will tell your brand’s story in a compelling way, attracting and engaging your target audience.


 Investment: $1,995 +


In need of on-going

On-going Design & Communication Execution

For businesses needing regular, diverse design, digital marketing, and content creation services.

This flexible monthly subscription adapts to a wide range of design needs across various industries. You can pause or adjust based on your evolving requirements, ensuring consistent and high-quality communication and design execution.



  • Content planning and community management for two profiles.
  • Expertly written copy for engaging social media presence.
  • Short-form video content Creation using produced, stock, or client-provided footage.
  • Active management of Google My Business, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.
  • Daily interaction with comments and messages for 2 hours.
  • Management of up to $3,000 for targeted ad efforts, supporting 2 boosted posts or campaigns (ad expenses not included).
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO Blog content.

graphic & digital design

  • Print marketing materials: Stationary, brochures, flyers, catalogs, signage, trade show banners, etc.
  • Digital marketing materials: Social Media Graphics, Digital ads (Meta) Email Graphics, Newsletter design, etc.


  • Dedicated Trello board.
  • Average 2-3 days delivery.
  • Unlimited Stock Photos.

We believe in the power of creativity to cultivate brands that bloom with purpose and impact



Zenda: putting a BPO brand on the path to success

Zenda Financial, formerly ACOG Technologies, faced branding challenges with a dated identity and a name too similar to competitors, impeding its differentiation and talent attraction in the fintech and sales education BPO sector in Central America. 

Cultivo reinvigorated Zenda’s brand by crafting a comprehensive strategy that refined its brand concept and name, refreshed the visual identity, and revamped its website, establishing Zenda as a leader in the industry.


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