Crafting Resilience: Highlighting CALI’s Pandemic Response

The Central American Leadership Initiative

Creative Strategy
Content Creation
Editorial Design
Content Distribution


Cultivo proudly collaborated with the Central American Leadership Initiative (CALI) to produce the 2020 Success Stories Report, a document that highlights the resilience and societal contributions of CALI fellows during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tasked with translating quantitative successes into compelling stories, our team delved into detailed questionnaires and interviews. We meticulously researched to ensure authenticity and resonance within the CALI community. By adopting CALI’s brand tone, we carefully crafted and designed a newsletter featuring 15 articles, each one an inspiring narrative of leadership and impact.

Our commitment extended to the report’s visual communication, where we provided editorial design and crafted infographics, vital in illustrating the fellows’ achievements and the tangible difference they made across Central America.

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